7 Wooden Swing for Living Room to buy in India 2022

wooden swing for living room

Wooden Swing for Living Room :

Being caught up in the rat race of life and career, we tend to have little time to indulge in recreational activities.

As a consequence, many people experience mental and emotional stress that bears serious effects on their physical health, too. Check out our store for a swing chair.

However, you aren’t always required to do any vigorous or time-consuming activity to reduce your psychological strain. A simple activity such as swinging can also aid you in spending some stress-free and fun time with yourself. With a wooden swing for living room you will even have an extra corner to spend time in your house. 

The swaying motion of the swings helps to put your body at ease. As you swing back and forth, your body produces a delightful tickling sensation that induces happiness and reduces stress levels.

Surprisingly, swinging also curbs high blood pressure, improves balance and sensory integration, strengthens motor skills and enhances core muscles.

In fact, one hour of swinging can help you lose up to 200 calories.  

Wood is the most loved material when it comes to furniture and other household accessories. Yes, we know we have grown too modern and shifted to those plastic or metal materials in terms of anything we want to own now. But the look and feel of wooden swings for the living room are irreplaceable. Also, these wooden swing for living room make your entire place look very premium and elegant. 

Here is the list of best wooden swings for living room available online : 

1. Multi-color Wooden swing for living room

Seating Capacity: 1 person

Weight-bearing capacity: Up to 100kgs

Material: Nylon and Steel

Product Weight: 12.44 kgs

Dimensions: 54.4 x 50.8 x 8 cm

Melt down all your stress with this fascinating and comfortable swing chair. As it has a classic Indian swing style, it’s a perfect wooden jhula for living room.

Besides, you can place it in your garden, backyard or balcony to enjoy swinging in the fresh air.

It’s made with a heavy-duty nylon rope and unmatchable artistry that makes it both durable and stylish.

Besides being supported by a metal rod on the top, the rope chair is underpinned by a steel frame and nylon spun yarn.

So, you can be sure of a comfortable and safe swaying. It’s a ready-to-use product with no fuss of complicated assembling.

It boasts a soft cushioned seat, designed to provide utter comfort and support to your spine.

Moreover, it has sturdy, flexible and long-lasting hooks that not only hold the jhula in place but make your swinging experience smooth and secure.  

Best Wooden swing for living room India.

2. Wooden Hanging Jhoola | Wooden Swing for Living Room

Seating Capacity: 2 people

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 300kgs

Material: Teak wood and Metal

Height: 4 ft

If a ceiling jhula is not what you are looking for, then this standing swing chair is certainly perfect for you.

It has a beautiful design with an appealing combination of black and golden shade.

The overall structure of this swing sofa is quite robust with a superior quality wooden bench and a stainless metal frame.

The self-assembling is simple and you can anytime contact the seller in case of any issue. Also, this wooden jhula for drawing room is easy to clean.

All you need is a wet cloth to wipe off the dust and keep up its shine. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.  

3. Stylish Cane Swing Chair | Wooden Swing for Living Room

Seating Capacity: 1 person

Weight-bearing capacity: Up to 125 Kgs

Material: Cane

Product Weight: 6 Kgs

Dimensions: 61 x 27 x 37 cm

With a fascinating round structure and a pleasing heart design at the center, this eco-friendly and comfy wooden swing for living room is apt for relaxing your tired body.

Crafted solely with cane, it’s light in weight and requires no installation.

It has enclosed sides that are skillfully designed to ensure firm grip of the hands and a secured swaying, preventing the danger of falling down.

Three long hooks, two S-shaped hooks, and a cushion are included in the pack. The cushion is made up of cotton and synthetic material and feels quite snug.

The cover provided for the same is soft and machine washable. This cane swing chair is indeed unique and is a perfect gift choice, too.  

4. Handcrafted Wooden jhula for living room | Wooden Swing for Living Room

Seating Capacity: 1 person

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 70Kgs to 150 kgs

Material: Wood

Product Weight: 5 kg 20 g

Dimensions: 65.5 x 32 x 14.7 cm

Composed of superior quality Sheesham wood, it’s a great wooden swing for drawing room.

It’s eye-catching with an elegant design and matte polishing. It has a durable frame and sturdy anchor bolts.

The nylon ropes are quite sturdy with a length of 10-12 feet. You can also replace these ropes with metal chains if required.

The wooden seat is covered with fluffy cloth to provide absolute comfort.  Moreover, it contains natural oils to keep away termites and other insects.

It’s available in exciting colours such as white, blue, red, and pink. It also comes in various sizes.

What’s more, it’s a customizable product and you can get in touch with the seller to give the specifications of your design.  

5. Wooden Swing for Living Room

Seating Capacity: 2 People

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 300 kgs

Material: Teak Wood and Metal

Dimensions: 48 x 57 x 66 cm

Having a simple yet elegant color and appearance, this is one of the best swings for home.

Moreover, it’s ideal for enjoying your cup of coffee or tea with a slight sway. It has a robust built with iron pipes and a sturdy wooden seat.

It has a non-abrasive, smooth, and stainless surface with a glossy appearance. In fact, the combination of black and wooden brown color is absolutely delightful.

This wooden jhoola for living room is a proficiently designed product that includes a set of sturdy springs, nuts and bolts, and spanners.

So, this wooden swing for living room is unlikely to produce any creaking sound. The procedure of self-installation is simple and less time-consuming.  

6. Macrame Swing Chair | Wooden Swing for Living Room

Seating Capacity: 1 person

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 120 kgs

Material: Olivewood and Nylon

Product Weight: 9 Kgs

Dimensions: 57 x 54.4 x 11 cm

This is another great balcony swing chair with a classy rope canopy overhead.

Modern in structure, it also has a traditional tinge with a throne or a parklike design.

It comes with a cute heart-shaped, black colored pillow accompanied by fascinating tassels.

It has a concoction of dark shades like black and brown which can complement any kind of interior.

You can sit for prolonged hours on this swing for living room without feeling tired and uncomfortable.

Moreover, you can relieve yourself from the trouble of installation as it’s a readymade product.  

Top recommended wooden swing for living room.

7. Simple Tree Jhula

Seating Capacity: 1 person

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 100kgs

Material: Mahagony Wood

Product Weight: 3.5 kgs

Dimensions: 60.96 x 22.86 x 3.81 cm

With a rating of 4 stars on Amazon, this porch swing is just awesome and can be hanged from a tree as well. This swing is one the best Wooden swing for Living Room. 

It’s composed of mahogany wood and boasts a flawless finishing. It’s been designed to support the weight of both children and adults.

The surface of the seat feels quite smooth and relaxing. The nylon ropes of wooden swing for living room are 10 feet long and can be adjusted to different heights. 

However, the color of the rope may vary depending on availability.

Being lightweight, it‘s quite portable and you can carry it along when heading out for camping, hiking, or such like an adventure.

It’s available in two sizes – large (2 ft.) and medium (1.5 ft.).What’s more, it comes with an EMI option which makes it a pocket-friendly choice.

Also, the instructions for installation are given under the description of the product.  

Wood gives you a lot of customization options that are not at all possible in steel or plastic. You can get your swings or other wooden furniture carved or have some special laser-cut design. A house that has wooden furniture looks more premium and elegant to be in. whether it is a large hall or your personal seating space, we highly recommend getting a wooden swing for living room. 

For some ultra-modern people buying articles made with wood is a tough task as they believe, they might buy some cheap quality wooden swing and waste their money. To help you with all such issues we have a Buying Guide on How to Buy Wooden Swing for Living Room in India. 

Buying Guide – How to Buy a Wooden Swing?

Our buying guide will be very helpful when you are heading towards buying wooden furniture that will help you make your house look more premium and elegant. Here are some common points to look at before buying a wooden swing in India. 

  • Build Quality: Since we are talking about wooden swing for living room. Build quality is our priority, it should look good as well as feel good. We are only suggesting the swing made with Sagwan or teak wood. These 2 types of wood are very premium and durable. You can blindly choose in between these 2 types for your wooden swing. 

  • Dimensions: Wooden swing has to fit in your house. So, its very necessary you always check the dimension given by the seller online. Always measure any wooden furniture that you buy online. The wooden swings for the living room suggested by us, have common dimensions and they can fit in anywhere. 

  • Carrying Capacity: If you are 4 or more members in a family then a swing with a seating capacity of 2 or 3 is highly recommended. These hanging jhula are more like sofas, you can enjoy swinging and even spend most of your time on it. These swings have a massive weight carrying capacity of 200-300 Kgs. 

  • Installation: Since you are willing to buy a wooden swing for the living room, either that will be a hanging wooden jhula or a one with a stand. Hanging Wooden Swings consume less space but they require a proper installation. Whereas wooden swing for living room with stands are easy to install but consume a lot more space. You can choose one at your convenience. 

This was our buying guide on How to Buy Wooden Swing for Living Room in India. These swings are a great time pass and a very premium piece of furniture to own. 

So, gift yourself a peaceful and memorable time from this amazing range of jhula. Let all your stress and worry dissolve with a relaxing stay.  


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Are Swing Chairs Comfortable?

The ease experienced during swinging depends highly on the design and structure of the swing being used. Some swing chairs are without any back-support and can tire you quickly while those with a wide seat and a backrest can feel more comfortable. However, this does not hold true for everyone and your own preferences greatly influence the comfort you feel when using a swing.

Where can You Hang a Hammock Chair?

A wooden swing in a living room, terrace, garden, or balcony is always a treat to the eyes. Some hammock chairs have both ropes and stands, and you can either hang or simply place them wherever you like.

Where to Buy a Wooden Swing for Living Room or Lawn?

They can be purchased from retail shops as well as from e-stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and Pepperfry.

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