Baybee Ga Ga Wooden Cradle for Babies-Newborn Baby Cradle with Rocker 9 in 1 Convertible-Baby Sleep Swing Cradle-Swing…


SAFETY:- Safety 1st – All Baybee Cradles are EN 716 Certified which is most stringent certification defined by European standards for safety of Baby Cots and Folding Cots for daily use. Every minor point is considered to give safest product to your Baby. BPA free materials that will always remains safe and hygienic all the time. NOTE: PRODUCT REQUIRES EASY SELF ASSEMBLING, INSTRUCTION MANUAL WILL BE CONTAINED WITH IN THE PACKAGE.
GENTLE ROCKING : Baybee Ga Ga New Born Baby Cot/Crib is designed to make your little one sleep faster with Gentle Rocking Feature. Transforms into a rocking cradle by rotating legs in upward position. On pulling out the 4 wheels, it can be used as a rocker. Rock your baby to sleep easily rockers, The Cradle Comes With A Rocking Lock To Stop The Rocking Motion And Keep It In Steady Position
USAGE:- Ideal for indoor use- house, kindergarten, hospitals etc. Comes with easily foldable, removable – mosquito net which can be kept half open in day use or remove it when not in use. Smooth and gentle swing for baby’s comfort and protect baby’s back and prevent the baby’s spine to deforming. Mosquito net protect the baby from mosquitoes and other insects and effectively prevent the spread of disease.