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jhula for home

Jhula for home : 

Best jhula for home – In our tediously repetitious rat-race of life, little do we think of the bliss experienced in care-freely swaying on a swing! With a swing at home, one can anytime sit back and let all the workday stress melt away. And if it’s the rainy season, one can just grab a cup of tea, gently swing on their hammock chair, and behold the breathtaking rain droplets. Heavens! You just can’t think of a better way to celebrate your monsoonal spirits!

What is good about swing seats?

In the same way, as babies feel pacified when put into a swing, even adults tend to feel calm with the swinging motions. Hence, it is more like a recreation of the relaxing sway experienced by a fetus in the womb. Moreover, you can use a swing for a home balcony, living room or garden to adorn these areas.

What are the different types of swings?

There are numerous kinds of swings for both adults and kids, varying in size and shape. Yet, the most common home swing designs for homes include- hammock swings, web swings, tire swings, flat swings, and porch swings.

How do I choose a swing chair?

There are a few things you must consider in selecting a suitable jhula for home. Firstly, you should be decisive about your preference for the size and the shape of your swing, depending on your physical parameters. Secondly, you must keep in mind its weight tolerance capacity. A standard-sized swing can carry a minimum weight of 100 Kg.

Then, the color and design of the swing must complement the area around it. It’s advisable to match or color-contrast the swing with the wall design or furniture in your living space. Lastly, look for the safety standards followed by the manufacturer and the quality of the material used in its composition.

Now, do you also feel tempted to get yourself a jhula for home and bask your share of swingy happiness? But are your concerns for safety and budget getting in the way?
Not to worry! We’ve listed down the top 10 home swings for adults that are not only safe but available at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Patiofy Jhula for home balcony

jhula for home balcony

Brand: Patiofy

Material: Cotton

Item Weight: ‎Not Specified

Dimensions: ‎30 x 35 x 50 cm

Pros: This bohemian style jhula for home with a C-swing design is perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. It has sturdy built with strong and durable cotton rope and requires no assembling. The cushioned seat keeps your body absolutely comfortable, letting you enjoy long swinging hours. You can easily port it to different spots owing to its foldable structure. What’s more, it’s a handmade jhula for home that boasts a macramé net pattern, making it a great décor accessory.

Cons: You might face some difficulty with hanging it on high ceilings.

Conclusion: Nevertheless, its one-of-a-kind design makes it an apt choice for swing lovers!

2. Wooden Jhula for home

jhula for home

Brand: Blue Toads

Material: Cotton

Item Weight: ‎2 Kg 300 g

Dimensions: ‎157 x 79 x 70 cm

Pros: This wooden swing for home has a durable structure and a fabric made of 100% handwoven cotton. It’s an easy-to-hang swing with no complicated installation process. Capable of bearing weight up to 130 Kg, it has a square seat with double thread cotton mesh to keep you comfortable. Moreover, a small pillow is also provided to support your back. It’s lightweight and has two S-shaped hooks for simple and safe hanging.

Cons: None! The product continues to make its customers happy.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a wooden swing for home indoor, you can definitely go for this one!

3. Hanging Wooden jhula for home

wooden jhula for home

Brand: AD Planet

 Material: Wood

 Item Weight: ‎4 Kg 910 g

Dimensions: ‎ 64.5 x 31.4 x 9.7 cm

 Pros: Having a classy wooden frame design, this home jhula, is available in 4 different shades of brown. This is a masterpiece of Rajasthan’s fine workmanship with sturdiness and flawless finishing. The assembling of the product is also very easy and all the hardware accessories are included in the package. For embellishing your balcony, porch or garden, this is certainly a good choice.

Cons: Some buyers are not satisfied with the quality of the hooks.

Conclusion: Owing to the overall excellent quality of this home swing, we surely give it a nod. As for the hooks, you can either replace them or enquire about the brand’s customer support to ensure your safety.

 4. Smart Beans Home Swing

swing for home india


Material: Cotton

Item Weight: 11 Kg 400 g

Dimensions:  ‎ 67 x 43 x 25 cm

Pros: It’s a beautifully designed single-seater swing for home, available in 8 vibrant colors. Made up of 100% recycled material, it is not only eco-friendly but also caters to your need for comfort. A headrest and a cushion are included to help you feel completely snug. The hanging rings provided are made of steel. The rope is made of high-grade material and can be adjusted as per the height of your ceiling. For high ceilings, they also offer to provide a rod extension. The weight-bearing capacity of this swing is 150 kgs.

Cons: A few buyers have faced some trouble with the springs included in the package.

Conclusion: There’s an issue only with the springs which can be easily replaced and so, it’d be unfair to overlook its great features. Hence, you can unhesitatingly buy this product.

5. Patiofy Swing jhula for home

swing jhula for home

Brand: Patiofy

Material: Cotton

Item Weight: Not Specified

Dimensions: ‎30 x 35 x 50 cm

Pros: This is one of the best swing chairs for home with an elegant design and soft cotton material. In fact, the fabric is made of premium quality and so, the threads are less likely to come off. With its large sitting space and spongy back pillow, you can recline with ease without straining your spine. The nylon ropes are sturdy enough to help you experience the delight of swinging in a safe way. The fixings for hanging the swing are included in the package with no extra cost.

Cons: The rope doesn’t offer the ease of height adjustment.

Conclusion: Needless to say, this swing is indubitably worth buying.

6. Patiofy Hanging jhula for home

hanging jhula for home

Brand: Patiofy

Material: Cotton

Item Weight: 1 Kg 900 g

Dimensions: ‎30 x 20 x 3 cm

Pros: This is another amazing jhula for home by Patiofy. Made of solid mahogany and pure cotton (woven in a net pattern with beautiful fringe tassels), it’d surely grab the attention of the guests visiting you. Its cocoon-like shape and lightweight make it easy to move it from one area of your home to another. The tough and thick ropes of this handmade hammock take care of your safety.

Cons: None! No major issues have been faced by the customers so far.

Conclusion: This swing chair is simply awesome!

7. Iron Jhula for home

iron jhula for home

Brand: Kaushalendra

Material: Metal

Item Weight: ‎35 Kg

Dimensions: ‎‎91.44 x 106.68 x 152.4 cm

Pros: If you are looking for a more steady swing with stand for home décor then this could be a great pick. It’s made of hardy steel and has a very simple assembling and dissembling procedure. All the necessary hardware and an instruction manual are provided for easy installation. The black colour iron rods with lustrous finishing add to its appeal. Cleaning of the swing is easy, and you require only a clean damp cloth to wipe off the dust.

Cons: Some buyers do not find the seat comfortable.

Conclusion: It’s usually very difficult to find a non-corrosive iron swing for home, but this one has made no compromise on its quality. So, we definitely give the thumbs up to it.

8. Aashi Steel jhula for home

steel jhula for home

Brand: Aashi Enterprise

Material: Alloy Steel

Item Weight: ‎5 Kg

Dimensions: ‎60 x 53 x 107 cm

Pros: It’s certainly the best steel swing for home with a simple yet splendid design. The heavy-hanging hooks and sturdy rods keep the jhula balanced. The hand rest is also made up of three strong pipes to provide firm support. It’s foldable, portable and the steel used is highly rust-proof.

Cons: The cushion provided is slightly smaller than the size of the backrest. The seat is flat and not curved which might make people with back problems feel uneasy.

Conclusion: Nonetheless, it’s a good steel swing for home. To make the best use of it, we suggest replacing the provided pillow with a bigger and fluffy one.

9. Patiofy Home Indoor Swing

swing for home

Brand: Patiofy

Material: Cotton

Item Weight: ‎7 Kg

Dimensions: ‎20 x 10 x 30 cm

Pros: This C-swing with rugged construction and a strong cotton rope is a good pick to enjoy your swaying time. It gives a very posh appearance with the ultimate combination of black and red colors. Indeed, it is another great metal jhula for home with an eye-catching design and a weight tolerance of 150 Kg. The red-colored cushion on the seat keeps your body perfectly comfy. It has a compact structure which makes portability and storage simple. It has a beautiful retro feel with a macramé net design and tassels.

Cons: Not any!

Conclusion: It’s a splendid product which is unquestionably worth your money.

10. Patiofy Indoor jhula for home

indoor jhula for home

Brand: Patiofy

Material: Cotton

Item Weight: Not Specified

Dimensions: ‎20 x 10 x 5 cm

Pros: This swing jhula for home also comes in the elegant black and red color combination and has a rectangular structure for comfortable sitting. It’s a great pick to adorn your living area or lawn because of its chic bohemian design. It’s foldable and quite easy to set up and detach from the ceiling. You can easily move it to different spots within your home or carry it with you while camping or holidaying. The metal rod keeps the jhula stable and the overall hardy structure of this swing can lift a maximum of 150 Kg weight.

Cons: A few buyers are not happy with the quality and the size of the cushion.

Conclusion: Since there isn’t much negative feedback for this one, we conclude it to be a good product for reveling in your leisure hours.

We hope you’ll now find your ideal swing and discover your ecstatic swaying experience. For updates on more such useful posts and reviews, follow us on social media – Baby Swing Store FB and  Baby Swing Store Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where should I hang a swing in my house?

Depending on the design of its frame and the length of its hanging rope, you can hang it in your garden or lawn (maybe by tying it on a tree) or, in the indoor areas by suspending it through your ceiling.

How much does a swing chair cost?

The material composition, size, brand and other such key factors decide its average cost. The starting range can be somewhere between Rs.2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

What is the weight limit for swings?

Usually, swings can take up to 100 Kg weight but some can even hold up to 150 Kg.

Are ceilings good enough for hanging chairs?

Yes, ceilings are safe for hanging swings. But the hooks, springs and rope used to hang it should be sturdy and must be fixed properly. If you find difficulty in installing your swing, it's always best to seek the help of an expert like a carpenter or, call up the helpline number provided by the manufacturer.



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