12 Best Baby Walkers to Buy in India(2021) – Buying Guide and Reviews

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Baby Walker India :

As soon as a baby endeavors to sit upright, parents feel thrilled and eagerly wait to see their little one’s first step.

After all, this moment is not only heart-touching but crucial too; since it’s the sign of a baby’s rapid growth.

When the tender bodies of infants begin to develop, it becomes essential to provide them with mechanical aids that’ll keep their footsteps firm and steady.

Here’s a list of some of the best baby walkers in India for your bundle of joy :

1. Kids Walker by Mee Mee

Kids Walker

Material: Plastic 

Age suitability: 6 – 18 months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes 

Product Weight: 3 kg 920 g

A perfect combination of a baby rocker and walker, this product is designed to provide good support to the delicate body of your child.

It boasts a cushioned fabric seat which is removable and can be washed as well. Available in three vibrant colors – blue, pink, and orange, this baby trotter can be folded for easy transportation.

It has a durable and close-packed design with height adjustments for 4 different positions.

There’s a play tray too, featuring various melodies along with some fun and interactive toys.

You can also remove these toys easily and use the tray for serving meals to your baby.

Besides, it has a detachable push handle and rotational wheels that move only when the baby walks. One of the best baby walkers available in market.

2. Butterfly Best Baby Walker by Sunbaby

Material: Fabric & Plastic

Age suitability: 8 -24 months

Weight bearing capacity : Up to10 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes 

Product Weight: 2 kg 900 g

Made with an attractive print and nine attachment knots, this is an ideal walker for babies that’s available online and ranks as No. 1 best seller on Amazon.

It’s designed with a back-rest, padded seat, safety locks and three height adjustments.The fabric used is quite soft and the plastic material is BPA free.

The assembling of the product is also simple and it’s available in different colors – Pink, Green,  White, Blue, Red and more.

There’s a beautiful butterfly toy,  steering-wheel toy, and a music button for playing musical rhymes.

Moreover, one can choose to have different games designs on the walker like ludo, educational puzzle, birds puzzle and color game. 

3. Ziggy Round Walker

Material: Plastic and Cotton 

Age suitability: 6 months – 2 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes Product Weight: 199 g

Engineered with biotechnology and colorful design, it has all the requisites of a good and comfy walker.

There’s a musical activity bar with removable toys, a foot mat for baby, and an optional back handle for parents to effortlessly push the walker.

The soft cotton seat is not only comfortable but easily removable for regular cleaning and washing.

One can certainly rely on this best baby walker for a 6-month old as it’s lightweight,  flexible and possesses good adjustability features.

It also has a fascinating round shape and is available in pink, green and blue colors.

Furthermore, it’s easy to set up and has even-textured edges that prevent the baby from getting hurt.

4. Galaxy Round Walker

Material: Plastic

Age suitability: 6-24 months 

Weight bearing capacity: 15 kgs 

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: No

Product Weight: 998 g

With an attractive design and strong built, this product has been engineered to help your infant take his initial footsteps with confidence.

Moreover, it’s one of the best baby walkers under Rs. 1,000. There are 4 fascinating colors to choose from – blue, green, red and multicolor.

It has a wide base and a sturdy structure for ultimate support. It also has a high-back cushioned seat which is machine washable.

Being light in weight and easily foldable, it makes transportation and storage quite simple.

Also, there’s a removable activity tray that’s designed both for playing with toys and having meals.

In fact, it’s among the best baby walkers for hardwood floors owing to its smooth wheels that leave no scratches.

5. Sunbaby Hot Racer

Material: Plastic

Age suitability: 9 months – 2 years

Weight bearing capacity: 15 to 20 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes 

Product Weight: 3 kg 620 g

This colorful walker with a push bar handle and a footrest is just amazing for your little one.

It’s made with high quality plastic, a perfect finishing and 360 degrees rotational wheels for a smooth walking experience.

In fact, you can convert it into a rocker with its rocking function button. It comes in various exciting colors and has a battery-operated tray with several melodies and multi-colored lights. 

Besides, it’s foldable and has safety measures with a back-rest and a stopper.

Furthermore, there are different educational and fun designs to select from like those of vegetables, animals, dry fruits, rhyming words, home appliances, ludo and so on.

It is indubitably a best baby walker for a 1 year old.

6. Smart Witty Walker by BAYBEE

Material: SteelandPlastic 

Age suitability: 6 months – 2 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes

Product Weight: 2 kg 10 g

This U-shaped walker with ultra soft seat and mechanical sturdiness is just great for your baby’s development.

It fulfills all international criteria of quality with an EN71 Certification. It’s foldable, occupies less space and can be adjusted to different lengths.

For smooth and safe walking, it has all-direction wheels with stoppers that have a good grip over the floor.

Moreover, it has a pyramid structure with a large chassis that makes it stable and sturdy.

There are also toy rattles with lovely music jingles to always keep your child cheered up.

7. Pink Panda Walker

Material: Plastic  

Age suitability: 6 -18 months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes 

Product Weight: 4 kgs

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality and pocket-friendly best baby walker then your hunt ends with this product.

It has a strong built with iron rods to help your baby built a firm footing on the ground.

Its wide frame has been designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the babies.

With 4 pair of wheels and a round structure, it helps the child in moving smoothly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, the electronic music tray can also be used as a dining tray by removing the panda handle.

This cute Panda design walker comes in amazing colors like Blue, Pink and Red.

8. Round Walker by Mothertouch

Material: Plastic and Iron

Age suitability: 6 -18 months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: No 

Product Weight: 2 kg 500 g

A simple yet one-of-a-kind product, this baby walker with music has a safety lock and a sturdy structure for the ultimate security of your baby.

It has also been provided with a back-rest and a foam padded seat covered with top-notch fabric for comfort.

It comes with a storage and transportation solution with a foldable, compact and not too heavily built.

You can adjust it at different height positions as per your infant’s convenience.

The high quality wheels and easy-to-move frame of this walker put less pressure on your baby’s tiny feet aiding in co-ordination of leg muscles. 

9. The Anti-fall Walker

Material: Plastic and Cotton

Age suitability: 6 months – 2 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes

Product Weight: 299 g

As the name suggests, it has been made with all the safety measures to safeguard your child and is one of the best baby walkers on Amazon.

With safety certification, it has a wide and strong structure, designed to prevent O-shaped legs.

It has stoppers that ensure a balanced movement of the baby as it strolls.The seat is adjustable, spacious and well-cushioned.

Since it can be folded, it comes without the hassle of installation. It has detachable fun toys at the front and offers a variety of color choices.

What’s more, it also works like a rocker with a push handle that makes it multi-functional and easy to use.

10. Goyal’s Infant Walker

Material: Plastic

Age suitability: 6 months – 15 months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes

Product Weight: 3 kg 400 g

This is another great walker for toddlers that you can select to strengthen your angel’s little steps.

Made with a broad protective frame and superior quality plastic, it provides a great walking experience.

The provision of a safety lock and a wide back ensures absolute comfort and security of your baby.

To keep your child cheerful and entertained, there are some pleasing melodies with interactive rattles and toys.

And for the convenience of parents, it proffers a simple set-up along with compact folding and an easily washable seat.

Besides, you can directly contact the seller for ordering spare wheels.

11. Zig Zag Walker by Baybee

Material: Plastic

Age suitability: 6 months – 1.5 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15 kgs

Height adjustment feature: Yes

Music feature: Yes

Product Weight: 4 kg 760 g

Giving utmost priority to the security of your little one, it’s been made with inbuilt brake pads and in a U-shaped (anti-knock) structure.

These features help in preventing the probability of accidents on stairs and uneven surfaces.

Besides, it meets all the requirements of European standards of safety.

It has a rugged structure with a padded seat and 360 degrees rotational wheels for uninterrupted and safe walking. 

In addition to these safety provisions, it renders some other amazing features.

It can be converted into a push walker to help your baby stand and walk with more confidence and balance.

Moreover, it’s compact and requires little space for storage. All these attributes make it one of the best walkers for infants. 

12. Goyal’s Push Walker

Material: Plastic

Age suitability: Up to 2 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 10 kgs

Height adjustment feature: No

Music feature: Yes

Product Weight: 3 kg

Available in four exquisite colors, this push walker for toddlers has been designed quite uniquely.

The center of this baby item is detachable, boasting multi-activity games like spinning panels, sliding beads, turning gears and flipping doors.

These are great activities for enhancing mental abilities and learning skills in a fun way. 

The plastic used is non-toxic with proper finishing and no sharp edges. For perfect and secure working of wheels, it comes with clips to create friction.

What’s more, your kid can listen to several nursery rhymes that can be played easily with the help of a button in the center.

All in all, this product is a must-have and the best baby walker to help your child grow and learn simultaneously.

So, gift your cutie-pie a walker today and let it experience a growth-oriented and fun childhood. 


What is the purpose of a baby walker?

Comprising of a seat with protective frames around, it is designed to help babies in learning how to walk.

It is structured in a way that strengthens bones and helps infants walk on their own without falling down.

Undoubtedly, it contributes in enhancing the mobility required to build the confidence in babies for getting on their feet.

Baby walkers are usually made of hard plastic, metal, and soft fabric for durability and comfort.

At what age a baby walker can be used?

Initially, they were developed for 5 months to 10 months old infants but the modern day walkers are designed for toddlers, too. So, they can be used for babies up to the age of 2 years.

Are walkers safe for babies?

They are unquestionably safe but there are certain things that need to be checked before buying them.

Firstly, it is important to look for the safety certification held by the manufacturer. Secondly, it’s essential to buy only those walkers that use high quality material and non-hazardous plastic.

Lastly, the age and height of the baby should be considered for picking up the right kind of walker. 

It is also important to safeguard your home with safety gates to prevent your child from falling off the stairs. Moreover, toddlers should not be left with their walkers to stroll on paths having bends and stones.


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