10 Best Bed Guards for Babies in India OCTOBER 2022

bed guards for babies

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Bed Guards for Babies :

Do you experience sleepless nights and anxious days, worrying about the comfort and safety of your baby? Well, this is a very common issue with parents since it is impossible to keep an eye on the babies round-the-clock. That’s when you need to search out for some handy equipment like bed guards, to look after your tot in your absence. But with numerous brands claiming to offer high quality safety-railings, picking the most reliable ones can be a bothersome task. So, to help you out with this, we’ve listed down some of the best bed guards for babies available online.

1.Baybee’s Bed guard

Bed Guard


Material: Plastic, steel and mesh

Age Group: Unspecified

Item Weight: 2 kg 500 g

Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 5 cm

Pros: This bed guards for babies or bed guard rail is compatible with almost all bed types (refer to the different rail sizes offered). It has a close-packed structure and can be folded easily. It is a smartly designed product with height adjustment (8 positions), breathable mesh and a large storage pocket. It has a durable structure and can be bought in various colours.

Cons: It does not offer rails in a set and so, you’d need to purchase each separately for covering all the sides of the bed. Also, some users have complained about the quality of net.

Conclusion: This product is a good long-term investment, owing to its height adjustability feature. So, you can use it for a longer period, from birth until your kid reaches the age of 4 or 5. However, before buying the additional ones, we suggest you to first order only one rail and check for the quality yourself.


2.Baby Bed Rail Guard

Baby bed rail guard

Brand: R for Rabbit

Material: Plastic and mesh

Age Group: Unspecified

Item Weight: 3 kg 490 g

Dimensions: 68.07 x 14.73 x 9.14 cm

Pros: This one takes absolute care of your baby’s protection. It comes with safety certification and, a safety belt which ensures that the rail stays firm after installation. It’s foldable, simple to assemble and can be detached anytime with ease. You can also check out their Youtube video (link on the product’s Amazon page) for clear instructions on installation. This rail’s been designed for all bed sizes and you can buy this product in blue or red colour.

Cons:  So far, no complaints have been received regarding the product. Yet, it seems to be quite simple and doesn’t offer a lot of smart features.

Conclusion: If you want a rail that is simple and easy to handle, this product is worth a try the best bed guards for babies.

3. Bed Bumper

Bed Bumper

Brand: KidDough

Material: Foam

Age Group: Not specified

Item Weight: 1 kg 500 g

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 21 cm;

Pros: If you are not looking for railings but foam bumpers to guard your baby, then this product is definitely for you. It is made of khadi material and feels utterly comfortable. There’s an extra flap that keeps the bumper at place, preventing the baby from rolling over and falling down. The cover of the bumper can be washed. Bed guards for babies is portable and comes with a bag for easy carrying. It can also be used like a bedsheet because of its extended flap. With this, you can relieve yourself from the trouble of installation.

Cons: It is not available in a pack of two and so, you’d have to buy extra bumpers for protection on all sides of the bed. Also, if you want to prevent your active toddler from climbing down the bed, then you must go for the railings. On the whole, it is useful only when the child is asleep. Furthermore, if kids accidentally press their face against the bumper, it can lead to choking try this bed guard for babies.

Conclusion: This is a useful product if the other side of the bed is occupied by an adult. Moreover, it’s great for those who frequently travel with their babies. Just make sure to keep some distance between the bumper and the child’s face. Besides, some buyers have found it useful even for the elderly. So, this is a good product for all ages that requires minimum precautions.

4.Baby Bed Guard

Baby Bed Rail Guard

Brand: Arkmiido

Material: Iron and oxford cloth

Age Group:  Unspecified

Item Weight:  3  kg 240 g

Dimensions: 73 x 26 x 6 cm

Pros: It’s certainly one of the best bed protectors for babies. It is abrasion-proof and has a solid structure with supreme quality iron rods. Besides, oxford cloth and a net of the breathable fabric have been used to design this product. What’s more, it has a double lockable safety buckle. You can adjust it at 5 different lengths, depending on the size of your mattress.

Cons: Some customers have complained about the difficulty faced in assembling and dissembling of the product.

Conclusion: With the sturdiness and features that it boasts, you can surely rely on this product for keeping your toddler safe.


5.Syga Bed Rail

Bed Rail

Brand: SYGA

Material: Polyester and PVC

Age Group: 12 months and above

Item Weight: 4 kg 950 g

Dimensions: 150 x 88 x 150 cm

Pros: Unlike many bed guards for babies, this one is made up of non-toxic material and includes a carbon-steel pipe, oxford cloth, mesh, and an aluminum alloy slider. It has a vertical lifting design and can be adjusted at different heights. So, the overall structure of the rail is very strong and you can assure yourself of its high durability. Furthermore, the rail is covered with NBR (anti-collision) cotton, to prevent any injury to your little babe. The fabric used can be cleaned in a washing machine or, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. What’s more, it is available in a pack of two!

Cons: It might not be suitable for queen size beds.

Conclusion: As there’s just one minor drawback to this product, you can consider going for this set of bed safety guards to give your baby a safe and sound sleep.


6.KidCo Bed Rails for Kids

bed rails for kids

Brand: KidCo

Material: Polyester

Age Group: Unspecified

Item Weight: 1 kg 200 g

Dimensions: 457.2 x 0.15 x 83.82 cm

Pros: This multipurpose bed guards for babies can be used for bed, staircases and balconies. You can also use this for protecting your pets from jumping off from heights. It’s made up of mesh net which makes it quite durable and tolerant of harsh weather conditions. It has zip ties for easy and safe installation.

Cons: If you want something more particularly for the bed then this might not be a satisfactory choice, as you’d need to tie it to the edges of your bed.  Also, the quality of the zip ties may not be upto the mark.

Conclusion: If you have a bed with round edges or some other support, then you can use this guard. However, if your toddler is super-active, this might not be the right pick for you.

7.Honeybee Bed Guards for Babies

bed guards for babies


Material: Metal & Plastic

Age Group: Up to 2 years

Item Weight: 5 kg 220 g

Dimensions: 114.7 x 52.58 x 15.7 cm

Pros: With a simple but appealing design, it has been engineered to meet the requirements of a top-notch bed safety rail. It requires no assembling and can be penned up to 180 degress. The quality of its fabric is excellent and it has a self-locking system to protect babies from falling off.

Cons: The height of the rail is unlikely to guard tall toddlers who can easily jump and climb.

Conclusion: Even though the brand recommends it for toddlers upto 2 years of age, we suggest it for those not more than a year old.

8.Bed Barrier for Baby

Bed Barrier for Baby

Brand: Tiffany Designs Private Limited

Material: Metal and fabric

Age Group: Unspecified

Item Weight: 3 kg 750 g

Dimensions:  180 x 42 x 52 cm

Pros: Meeting the standards of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), this bed guard has a breathable mesh cloth, which is non-toxic and machine washable. It has a swing-down feature too, and you just need to click the button to fold it down. The steel rods are covered with nylon padding that can be conveniently removed for washing. It can fit on almost all types of beds (look for the available sizes).

Cons: This is more of a basic railing that does not have a lot of modern features, making it inconvenient for parents to use.

Conclusion: Nonetheless, the safety features that it boasts are great and you can count on this guard to take care of your child.


9.Luvlap Bed Rail

bed rail

Brand: LuvLap

Material: Metal and fabric

Age Group: 3 months and above

Item Weight: 450 g

Dimensions: 158 x 44 x 5 cm

Pros: This luvlap bed rail guard for baby safety comes in two cute animal designs – an elephant print with blue borders and a giraffe print with red rims. The rods are made up of metal and the installation and disassembling of the product is very simple. It has a translucent fabric and you can easily keep a watch over your kid’s actions. It has a compact structure which makes it easy to fold and carry around while travelling.

Cons: You can use it only for the time your child is asleep since it is likely to wobble a lot on deliberate pushing. The metal rods have no safety cover and the baby can get hurt if it accidentally hits its head against the guard. Also, the rods are too thick and might not fit in easily under thick mattresses.

Conclusion: We recommend this for babies up to the age of one. Besides, you can cover the rail with cotton pads or a cloth to reduce injury risk.

10.Kurtzy Bed Guards for Babies

Brand: Kurtzy

Material: Plastic and Nylon

Age Group: 6 months and up

Item Weight: 3 kg 460 g

Dimensions: 67.9 x 17.8 x 10.2 cm

Pros: With a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, it is among the best bed guards for babies. The structure of the rail is made up of PVC rods that are non-hazardous and provide firm grip. In fact, the buyers have appreciated the product for its unmatchable sturdy structure. It’s perfect for a king size bed and easily fits under heavy cotton mattresses. It’s foldable and has a see-through fabric. This product is available in 3 fascinating colours – aqua blue, yellow and pink.

Cons: Firstly, it is not suitable for steel beds. Then, you’d be required to drill the main rod (L-shaped) to fit in the provided screws. The installation can be tricky as the instruction manual provided is not very reliable. Moreover, a pack of two rails is available only in pink colour.

Conclusion:  For setting it up, you can refer to the video that they have uploaded on their Amazon page. And keeping in mind its excellent sturdiness, we suggest you to go for it, only if you can manage the drilling part.

This was our list of top 10 bed guards for babies. Follow our blog for more such reviews on baby products and don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are bed rails safe for babies?

Yes, bed rails are safe for infants but you must check their safety standards. If it’s not given on the product package, seek out the help of the brand's customer support.

How thick should bed rails be?

The thickness should be two inches minimum. This, however, may vary with the design and overall built of your bed.

When should I remove bed guard?

As per the experts, bed rails should be used until the age of 5.

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