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Using a Baby Thottil for Your Newborn – A Fun Way to Enhance Babyhood Experiences

The joy and nervousness experienced by parents on bearing a new life into this world are just indescribable.

Heaps of preparations are required to be made for welcoming the little member of the family.

From getting comfy clothing to buying baby care products, everything for the newborn is picked quite cautiously.

Yet in addition to all the essentials, selecting the right kind of bedding is extremely important. After all, good sleep for your little babe is necessary for its overall development and growth.

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Although there are many ideal baby thottil available online, we’ve listed some of the best ones that you can browse and pick for your bundle of joy.

1. LuvLap C-80 Baby Wooden Cradle

Ranked as the No. 1 best seller on Amazon, this classic wooden cot has a detachable cradle, serving a dual purpose – of a crib and a thottil.

Although it’s exquisite design gives a vintage feel, it’s a modern cradle with all the new-age techniques and safety measures. 

There are locked wheels, a removable mosquito net, and adjustable railings that can be opened to lengthen the cot as the toddler grows.

Moreover, it’s light in weight, easy to assemble, and comes with a good quality baby mattress which makes this perfect baby thottil wood.

2.  Kiddery Polkamania Baby Thottil

With an eye-catching polka dot design and pink color, this baby cradle swing comes with a durable and beautiful built.

It boasts an insect protection canopy along with a super soft bed padding to ascertain the absolute comfort of your little one.

All its wheels are adjustable and have auto-locks that makes moving and poising of cradle very simple.

The dimensions of this bed are 98 x 67 x 96 cm and it’s suitable for a 3 to 8 months old baby. It’s easy to assemble and dismantle and can be reused. 

3. Patiofy Hammock Swinging Bassinet 

This is one of the best baby cradles online available which can be used by toddlers up to 2 years of age.

Made with finest quality of wood and fabric, it meets all requirements of safety and functionality.

It has round shaped corners that are comparatively more safe for the baby than the usual square shaped palna. As it weighs just 2 Kgs, it can be easily transported and stored. 

It has a soft yet strong cotton rope that provides firm support to the baby jhula and makes swinging smooth and secured.

In fact, its compact design ensures an enjoyable swinging experience for your newborn.

Moreover, the bassinet has ample of space and it’s quite easy to attach it to a ceiling. 

4. Multipro Swing Cradle

This baby thottil has an appealing multicolored print and a tough structure made of high quality stainless iron.

It has a long and sturdy string along with a net canopy for complete protection of your child.

The bedding pad is made of cotton and feels utterly soft, keeping the baby comfortable and happy.

Also,  the bed has a curved hammock that makes swinging easy and smooth.

The overall set-up is very simple and easy to install. What’s more, it’s foldable and can be conveniently carried when traveling.

5. Kiddery’s Bella+Baloo Cradle

This thottil comes in a stylish and cute print that’s very likely to fascinate your baby. Also, it’s available in two attractive colors – pink and blue with adorable teddy and Hello Kitty prints.

It has a rugged structure along with a detachable transport basket to carry your infant with ease, whenever required.

This inner basket is well cushioned with squishy material and has a net covering to guard against insect bites.

The installation is also easy-peasy with an instruction guide to aid you. The wheels have been designed with an independent lock system that holds this baby cradle in place when not being moved.

What’s more, it’s quite pocket-friendly and available at a great discounted price.

6. Baby’s Hanging Swing Cradle

Procurable in 3 sassy colors – pink, peach and blue,  this hanging crib is made with superior quality polyester and cotton fabric.

It comes with a spring-based hook which can be directly suspended from the ceiling.

It’s lightweight but can bear up to 15 kgs of weight and is ideal for a 12 month old, too.

A removable bed with pillows is also included in this baby thottil set. And being not too heavy or big in size, it’s quite portable and can be shifted without any hassle.

Furthermore, it is spacious and has a net covering with zip closure.

7. Baby Cradle and Stroller

This 2 in 1 baby product can be used both as a crib and a cradle. It has a beautiful dark pink shade with a cute teddy bear design.

With a light swinging motion, it also has wheels that can be locked or moved as per your convenience. It has a removable net cover that can be washed as well.

While travelling with your baby, you can surely count on this cradle as it is easily foldable and not heavy at all.

Moreover, the cloth canopy overhead makes it ideal for occasionally placing your baby thottil outside for some fresh air (without worrying about the harsh sun rays).

8.  Kiddery’s Lyra Bassinet Swing

Available in fascinating blue color, this baby thottil cradle has been designed for infants up to the age of 10 to 12 months.

It’s made of premium quality material that makes it sturdy and durable. With a 34-inch inner basket, it is quite spacious and comfortable, too.

Its swing fitment allows 40 degrees of motion for a slight and secure swaying experience.

To ensure further safety, it has locked wheels, a mosquito net and a soft mattress that can be easily washed. 

An instruction manual is also provided for easier and quicker assembling of parts.

Moreover, it comes with a great money-saving deal along with an option of purchasing on EMI. On the whole, this product is highly recommendable.

 9. GoodLuck Baybee Swinging Cot

Made with stainless steel and a durable finish, this product meets the European standards of quality with an EN 716 Certification.

It’s protected by a detachable net to keep away insects. The chain provided for swinging is composed of steel and can bear 25 Kgs of weight.

Its cushioned mattress gives great support to your baby’s neck and spine.

The overall weight of the product is only 8 Kgs that makes it portable and easy to handle. Also, the cute pink color and oval shape of this swinging crib will surely delight your baby.

10. Kiddery Clio Detachable Crib 

With a mesmerizing circular-shaped basket and a square bed beneath, this crib cum swing is a must-have product.

It has a strong built and unique A-shaped structure, made of rust-proof steel rods.

The multi-colored print of its fabric sheet is not only soothing to the eyes but has a soft feel, too.

There’s a net canopy which helps to guard your infant against bugs. It has wheels too which can make it a good alternative to a pram.

Besides, the upper basket is removable and you can easily carry your baby without interrupting its sleep.

We would be coming with more such interesting and informative posts to assist you in your parenting journey.

Happy Cradling!


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What is a Baby Thottil ?

Also known as cradles, they are small swinging cots designed for babies and toddlers. Being small in size and structure, they occupy less space and can be easily placed alongside your bed. The rocking movement of a cradle is so relaxing that it lulls your baby into a peaceful sleep.

How are Cradles Good for Infants?

As these swings are like personal spaces, they make the baby feel snug and secured like the coziness it felt in the womb. They are really useful in calming down the agile and restless young ones. Moreover, their swinging motion induces body balance and motor skill development.

What Should You Consider while Choosing a Baby Cradle?

A safe and comfortable thottil has a firm yet not so hard mattress to support the fragile body of your little one. The thickness of the mattress should be around 2 inches. To ensure maximum safety, it’s good to buy cradles that have adjustable and locked wheels.
Baby cradle swings with breathable nets are great for protecting your baby from insect bites. Besides, those that are lightweight and foldable can be easily carried while traveling.


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